How to prepare for the October deadline.

Avoid tax penalties

Americans who asked for an extension will need to file their tax returns by Oct. 16. The extension gives taxpayers 6 additional months to file but it didn’t prevent you from paying taxes owed to the federal government. It just gave you enough time to gather all pertinent information to file your tax return. I encourage those of you in the Inland Empire to schedule an appointment today. Read more about dates and concerns here.


Hurricane victims will get some relief

Victims of hurricanes who asked for an extension will have until Jan. 31, 2018 to file their returns. This relief applies to individuals as well as businesses with extensions that expired on Sept. 15. I know this doesn't affect those of you who live in California, but I just wanted to share with you who have family in Texas and Florida. 



Corona Tax Services


We serve the Inland Empire and Orange County when it comes to solving your tax issues. I want to be sure you get all of your answers covered. We provide tax services for you and your business. Call or click today to schedule your appointment. 



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